Last exit Sisyphos


(Working title)

Mundan astrological considerations

of the coming age

Oktober 2021


290 S., 75 Graphiken



Table of contents


Part 1 The turning point

Corona and the Moon as a catalyst of repressive Structures
System security during the pandemie
Return of reason - Pluto's entree in Capricorn
The last freedom

Part 2 Welcome to the illusion

With best wishes - Neptune in Pisces
Triple narcisstic insult
Totalitarian Tendencies - Pluto Node in Capricorn

Part 3 Great cycles

Index of Cyclic Equilibrium
Stellia and Black Swans
Cycle of Jupiter and Saturn
Secret of the courtly love
The Great Plague
Burden of Individuality

Part 4 Crisis of the Conservative Parties

Brexit and the Tories in England
Republicans and Donald Trump
Eclipse of the Saros 3 Line
History of the Republicans
Era of Donald Trump
Russia and Vladimir Putin
France and Marine Le Pen
India and Nataryan Modi
Turkey and Recip Erdogan
CDU and Zentrumspartei in Germany

Part 5 Epochs of female leaders in Europe

Elizabeth I from England

Maria Theresa from Austria
Angela Merkel from Germany
Comparison of their government policies

Part 6 The 20th century

Cycle of Saturn and Pluto
New World Order 1914 - 1947
Cold War 1947-1982
Code of Neoliberalism 1982 - 2020
Internalisation of rules
Consequences of globalisation
Growth Crisis 1993
Integration Crisis 2001
Reduction crisis 2010
Blockchain - The New Money

Part 7 Internet Giants

Under the sign of the fruit - Apple
A Computer for All - Microsoft
The digital department stores' - Amazon
Write in my poetry album - Facebook
The world formula - Google
Digital ethics

Part 8 False ideal worlds

Generation of Kriegsenkel
Psychosocial causes of generational conflicts
Parallels to the Reformation and the Weimar Period

Part 9 Paradigm Shift


Opposition of Uranus and Chiron

1955 - 1962: Beatniks - Leo/Aquarius
1962 - 1969: 68ers - Virgo/Pisces
1969 - 1976: Emancipation - Aries/Libra
1976 - 1983: Civil movements - Taurus/Scorpio
1983 - 1990: Information Age - Gemini/Sagittarius

Part 10 Quantum Leap

Learning from crises
Pluto Ingress in Aquarius
Departure into the future