My first Mundanastrological is now available. It includes several articles on the Corona crisis and contains the basic horoscopes of these days including the coming sign changes of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Special events are interpreted in astrology by planetary constellations in certain signs. The stellium in the sign Capricorn gives clues to the themes behind the fear of Corona: a need for security, order and control. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in 2021 began a new cycle in the global economy. 

An entire chapter is devoted to the rise of populism, the phenomenon of Donald Trump and Brexit. In addition, 70 pages on the background of the Ukraine war. With 45 horoscope charts, published by Kindle Amazon. As paperback and soon also as e-book.


ISBN-13 979-8440732087


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Table of contents


Part 1 The turning point

Corona and the Moon as a catalyst of repressive Structures
System security during the pandemie
Return of reason - Pluto's entree in Capricorn
The last freedom

Part 2 Welcome to the illusion

With best wishes - Neptune in Pisces
Triple narcisstic insult
Totalitarian Tendencies - Pluto Node in Capricorn

Part 3 Great cycles
Index of Cyclic Equilibrium
Stellia and Black Swans
Cycle of Jupiter and Saturn
Secret of the courtly love
The Great Plague
Burden of Individuality

Part 4 Crisis of the Conservative Parties
Brexit and the Tories in England
Republicans and Donald Trump
Eclipse of the Saros 3 Line
History of the Republicans
Era of Donald Trump
France and Marine Le Pen
India and Nataryan Modi
Turkey and Recip Erdogan


Part5 The ukrainian war

Vladimir Putin
Wolodymir Selenski

The eclipse of 1999

Part 6 Epochs of female leaders in Europe
CDU and Zentrumspartei in Germany

Elizabeth I from England

Maria Theresa from Austria

Cathrin the great from russia Angela Merkel from Germany Comparison of their government policies